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Anti-Aging Skin care in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

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  • Shakespeare wrote four centuries ago "Youth is nimble, Age is lame." There are numerous modalities to improve aging skin. 
  • The most cost effective and minimally -invasive treatment for natural look with durable results is a Suture/ Thread lift with fillers in one session. My preferred method of skin rejuvenation is a chemical peel versus laser for many reasons. Home compliance is simple but effective. I recommend my gentle micellar foaming cleanser, DMAE 20% serum before bed time and Vitamin C/Ca LPCA in the morning with my ultra nourishing caviar and truffle biocell cream for rapid and enduring results. As a special care I suggest Eyeless contour twice per day.
  • PREVENTION is a concept in the medical and food​ industry but it is extremely important in skin care. Acting on your skin TODAY at the molecular level will minimize its damage tomorrow. Using bio-active delivery such as Cyclodextrins, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glyceryl polyacrylate render control release of vitamins, proteins, minerals and other actives which leads to quick action and optimal effect. I suggest the use of Coenzyme Q10 Fresh cleanser, once weekly exfoliate with gentle exfoliating cleanser, Silk face Q10 cream day / night and eye microemulsion is a must. Why Coenzyme Q10? Co Q10 is synthesized in all tissues, combined with Vitamin E, Cytochrome C assist in cell respiration and protect the skin from environmental and intrinsic aging.Dehydration is the first sign of aging so it is imperative to moisturize and protect skin.

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