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Bee Sting Facial- Give Your Skin Bounce-Back Power

Also known as apitherapy or topical use of natural bio-mimetic peptides for improved skin texture and facial muscle tone. Bee venom therapy is also described as a natural neurotoxin/ bio-mimetic peptide in some middle east countries and is very popular in the United Arab Emirates, have recently created a media buzz in London. The face’s natural responses to the sensor effect of the all-natural face serum instantly promotes blood flow like no other aesthetic machine in the market place. The peptide face mask is applied with Tanya’s specific facial and neck massage to stimulate muscular contraction and reduce inflammation. This process feels like a fitness for the face and neck. It gives the skin an amazing glow, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, reduce puffiness and increase skin firmness and elasticity.

Time: 60 minutes Cost: $ 225.00

What the customer say: It feels like skin-fitness with very pleasant sequential cooling-warming sensation for instant skin smoothness and toning. My skin felt very taught and Tanya's massage is just divine." Carla Smith

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