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Thread Lift, Non-surgical face-lift in Washington DC, Maryland and VA

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Spring Sale: 30% off All facials.

15% off All products. Orders $300 and up will Get Free 15 ml serum.

Sale ends April 6th /2019.

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Objectives: The attendees will learn about what’s in and what’s out in Chemo-abrasion and Chemical Peels. Naturals such as Caspian sea caviar and truffle in micro pearls, hazelnut peptides and omegas from plant sources in a breakthrough technology coupled with Tanya’s Equilibrium facial massage, combined elements from Yumeiho therapy and lymphatic drainage. Learn about new Brightening peel protocol that target the causes of age spots on both epidermal and dermal levels, a combined action that leads to high clinical efficacy versus placebo. It targets melanin synthesis and boosts the natural desquamation process. It protects against symptoms related to photo-aged dermal fibroblasts whose influence on pigmentation is now recognized. It protects the extra cellular matrix and the fibroblast environment from degradation by matrix metalloproteinases and inhibits glycation. Also learn about multi-functional cosmeceuticals. Money well spent. ©

Topic: Novel concept for facial rejuvenation with Meso Glow or Mesotherapy 

Neuromodulators and Biomimetic peptides©

What are these new actives and do we need them? How to incorporate them in specially tailored protocols in order to make skin more youthful. THE NEW FACE OF BEAUTY concept. The convergence of medicine and beauty. ©

Dynamic hands on workshop with ONE SOLUTION for multiple applications; optimum results for acne scars, melasma, pigmentation and photo-aging without irritation under any circumstance due to natural carrier and without expensive equipment! My Unique Solution- Abrasion-Solution, “Sandwich Technique” ensures dramatic results in just one session that will keep your clients coming back! Many educators will teach you skin physiology but how many will offer you an effective treatment for pigmentation? Learn how to effortlessly market Chemical peels in conjunction with facials to achieve unmatched results in just one session that will keep your clients coming back! The complete absorbent method/ no rinse facial protocol, was created by Tanya Gospodinova to assist the aesthetic practitioners in utilizing the latest technology in delivery of actives precisely where it’s needed without expensive machines and at the same time achieving instant relaxation while visibly improving skin quality.

Please, email or call the office 202 338 33-91 to book and for more info.

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SALE ENDS April 6/2019


1619 45th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20007

Contact Us: (202) 338-3391

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The Story: Our core business is to optimize skin health and longevity with functional products. Our services are safe, cost effective with valuable skin benefits that influence people's life.

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