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Shop Online Skincare| Luxury Bath & Body Products |Bio Glow Instant Face Rejuvenation bestseller| Covid-19 Safety Protocol  

Skin Renewal Facial| Only in September Special Offer 30% Off Bio-Glow Instant Rejuvenation Skin Booster Protocol with LED to stimulate collagen production or injectable with filler, placenta & Vitamins

This facial is designed to reduce recent sun damage and minor wrinkles. It is now known that free radicals are responsible for altering the genetic material of the cells. This process originate all kinds of sunspots, broken capillaries that later may cause skin cancer. To prevent this from happening, our bio-performance facial is necessary do on your fall calendar. Design with unique peeling solution (OSMOTIC PEEL SP, deep-pore-cleansing and application of vitamins, bio-mimetic peptides, premium quality resveratrol mask and snow algae serum. This is one of our authentic and indigenous beauty treatments. The result is brighter, even skin tone, radiant and rejuvenated skin. Launched in September 2016 & rated the best facial of the year. 90 Minutes Cost: $295.00

What the experts say: This is 3-in-one facial because I get the peel plus deep pore cleansing and hydration with Tanya's fabulous lymphatic face & shoulder massage. After the facial, my skin is brighter, smoother and even my facial muscles toned. This is a true anti aging facial.” Nadia Cavasilius

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