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What's New in 2020 #Personal Care products

Posted on March 7, 2020 at 1:15 PM

 This is the usual time when licensed professionals asked me about new trends in skin care and minimally-invasive skin aging treatments, what should they look out for and what are set to be hot topics in the industry? It used to be location, location and location. Today is the technology that makes your practice easy and puts you upfront the competition. Learn new methodologies and techniques, stay relevant and invest in yourself. If you do not evolve with the current trends and times at some point you’ll be out of the loop. Make sure you deliver an exceptional experience not just a service with a price tag. Here is a brief summary of what will not only be hot property in the skin care marketplace for 2019, but what to look out for at some workshops this coming year.

Trend 1: What is good for my stomach is good for my skin. Non- modified caviar and truffle gourmet food, hazel nut peptides and grape seeds, plenty of nutrients in biotecusa skin care products.

Trend 2: Seeing is believing. Consumer demand for instant gratification and rapid effects with long-lasting health benefits.

Trend 3: It’s all about you. Customization was a big trend of 2018 and it’s going to get even bigger in 2019. Customization can be incorporated into new products easily in one or more ways. Innovative formulations and functional-active-materials that provide robust solutions for various skin conditions will accommodate the most demanding customer with fantastic results.

Trend 4: I care about the environment too. Natural and sustainable ingredients in skin care products are ongoing consumer favorites in the environmentally-focused global beauty trend. Demand for these types of materials continues to grow at a steady rate plus watch for new marine actives – ‘blue’ is the new ‘green’, probiotics versus prebiotics. My research on skin care products containing Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles will be published soon.

Trend 5: Feel good and look better. Products should feel great on application, giving the consumer instant sensory gratification. Also incorporating epigenetic or neuro-cosmetic actives, for holistic approach skincare, helps reinforce consumers’ growing need to feel like they’re taking control for one aspect of their life and skin wellbeing. There are also increasing numbers of functional and active materials that help provide protection not just from UV but also pollution, blue light, allergies and other sensitivities– it all adds to well being approach to skin care and minimally-invasive skin treatments.

Looking forward to hear from you. Best wishes for a successful business.

I shall continue my two distinct hands-on educational courses in 2019. The Basic/Next Gen Track for young professionals and the Advanced Track for those interested in learning about cutting edge science, technologies and product innovations.